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Rock N Roll Haircut

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Jess, Jack and myself went to get haircuts... well, Jess and myself got haircuts, Jack's still got his "high and tight" hair style that hasn't grown out. We rolled to Bishops this morning around 9;15am and there were several people already in line.

If you haven't heard of Bishops, it is a series of 5 barbershops here in Portland with a cool twist. They pride themselves as the "Rock N Roll" Barbershop. When you walk into a Bishops, there is usually cut-out pictures pasted on every inch of the walls. Usually there is eclectic music playing (depending on the barbers choice)... rockabilly, punk, underground hip-hop, alt rock, drum and bass... it's usually all over the map, but good music.

The music isn't the only thing that makes this experience unique. You are usually greeted with the welcome "Welcome to Bishops, can I get you a beer." Yes, they give out the "Champagne of Beers" Miller High-Life for free. And, as most barbershops, the cornerstone of your experience is the barbers themselves.

Each time I've been to a Bishops, I've gotten my haircut by really cool people, (today it was Eric from the band Dead Man's Hand, a local psychobilly band here in Portland) who have great stories (a must for a good barber) and even cooler tats. Now, not all Bishops barbers have tattoos. But a good chunk live the lifestyle. Either they are in bands or are aficionados of music... Bishops lives up to the title of the Rock and Roll Barbershop.

Bishops is a great example of taking a normal concept (a barbershop) and creating a unique experience around that. CNN did a story on them as did KGW. A another good example is Voodoo Doughnut. That's for another blog, but the point is... experience.

I go back to Bishops each time getting a solid haircut at a good price ($19) and feel that I support two things local... a local business and the local music scene. Since a lot of these guys are in bands, anytime we can help support them in their normal jobs, means that they'll be able to continue to pursue creating music.

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