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Solid Ticket Offer for Detroit Pistons

Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Ok, friends, family and people coming to my blog. I was able to get a friends and family discount for people from SEMpdx and of course, friends and family for the Detroit Pistons game on March 14th. We want to sell this game out for when 'Sheed comes back into town. To get this deal that gives you 1/2 off prices in a couple of the price categories, click here.

You will get the following discounts:

Yellow Seats: $24.50 (normally $49 for lower level)

Purple Seats: $12.00 (normally $24)

Red Seats: $10.00 (normally $17)

Top see some views where those seats are, check out the sweet 3-D seating chart that we recently added to trailblazers.com. Click here.

I will be sitting on a panel at SEMpdx tomorrow around 9:15am. Hopefully I'll see you guys there!

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