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Roy for ROY Leatherman Tool

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

A couple of months ago we brainstormed to come up with an idea to help promote Brandon Roy for the Rookie of the Year in the NBA. We wanted to send a fun press kit to the voting members of the media. We tossed around several ideas, but one stood out, using a local Portland based company product that embodied Brandon Roy's game. The idea was to send a Brandon Roy Leatherman tool to the members of the media. Leatherman Tools (founded in 1983) are known for their versatility. Brandon's game is very similar. He isn't a one dimensional player. Leading the rookie class in points per game 16.3, assists per game 4.0, and 5th in rebounds per game 4.4, Brandon consistently has filled the boxscore with stats that usually have a number in each of the columns (sometimes 0's for turnovers).

We've been getting some good press about the tool (check out this MP3 from Jim Rome, courtesy of 1080 The FAN) and momentum for Brandon's bid for Rookie Of the Year. It will be a tough case for anyone else to make an argument for the award. Bargnani is sidelined the rest of the season with an appendectomy, Garbajosa has to have surgery on his leg, Rudy Gay isn't on a team that has won more games than Portland AND he doesn't have as good as numbers in any of the categories.

Brandon's stiffest competition might come from his teammate LaMarcus Aldridge. Aldridge has been putting up really good numbers since All-Stars. Especially since Joel Przybilla went down with a knee injury and LaMarcus became the starter.

The Leatherman tool promotion was great to see people here at the Trail Blazers collaborate in making this happen (thanks to Todd Bosma for the originator of the Leatherman tool idea) and for Leatherman to team up with us in creating these one of a kind collectors peices. We did a limited over-run, so you can buy them for $45 in our online store. Seriously, these are going fast. We've sold 1/4 of the inventory in 3 hours. Damn, that's hot.

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