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Review from Pat Coyle

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Check out this great Sports Marketing Blog from Pat Coyle (Director of Database Marketing & E Commerce for the Indianapolis Colts), shares the observations, research and results that will inform the Colts digital strategies.

He recently reviewed IAmATrailBlazersFan.com. He has some great insight as he is going through a similar adventure as we did with the Trail Blazers. The Colts have been working on a social network for some time now. I'm eager to see some of the features they roll out with. The name is My Colts Network

One thing that seems that they will be focusing on Colts Fans around the world. I think that's great to look outside of their normal geographic territory. One thing that the Colts have to their advantage is that their team has been performing well. That is something that you need to focus on... if you can't sell any more tickets, but still need to bring in revenue, you can A) sell more sponsorships B) sell merchandise. That is where I think focusing on a world wide marketing (especially after winning the Super Bowl) is so key for them. They'll sell out next season, but where can they go beyond that.

Mock-ups of mycolts.net

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