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Friday, February 23, 2007

Yes, a lot is going on. Launching social network (we're at half our goal for fan sign-ups in 10 days), a win streak (2 games, trying to make it 3 tonight, does that constitute a streak?), a trade (former Duck Freddie Jones for Juan Dixon) and the normal game stuff we have going on... it's Friday and time for Portland Coffee.

Stephen Landau
started this up here in Portland (I understand Russell Davies gave Stephen the idea to start this up)...
Stephen usually hosts, myself and Shannon will be hosting this week, as Stephen will be at the traveling with his family. We'll be at Tiny's from 8:30am until whenever really. I usually have to bail due to a weekly meeting at 9:30am, but people mingle, debate, inspire and get cracked out on Tiny's Coffee.
Hope to see you guys at this coffee or a future one. Fridays, 8:30am.

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